Cadomotus Gear Bag for triathlon and cyclingIn my sports career as a triathlete I have seen and used many transition bags, but then I tried the waterproof Versatile Triathlon bag of Cádomotus i was sold. This bag has so many key points that would make organizing your race much more easy. Here are 10 reasons why you definitely need to get this bag.

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Crash during the mass start in ThialfCádomotus offers Crash Replacement.

Because we want to keep working towards a safer sport, but also realise that safety should be affordable and available to everyone. We offer 50% off on a new helmet if you’ve crashed using your Cádomotus or Marchese helmet. Register online at

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tips to avoid saddle pain in cyclingNothing better than riding your bike in the spring sun with a fresh breeze through your hair. When winter is really behind, we’re extra excited to take out our by now dusty bike from our shed, clean it off, and get those first kilometers in! Though, after that first ride, the excitement drops just as quickly as it came, because the sitting in the saddle just isn't comfortable.

The MIA ladies have listed six tips ...

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Sjoerd de Vries reviews Cadomotus inline framesAbout the Author: Sjoerd de Vries is a Dutch speed skater and medallist on Worldcup, National- and World championships. Next to the occasional inline race he uses his inline skates mainly for training purposes. Throughout the summer season he skates with world-class inline skaters as well, honing his skills.

During my training stage in St. Malo France I had the opportunity to test out the high-end inline frames by Cádomotus The Adaption T-5 4x110 & DualBox®5 4x110. In the French sun I tested both frames on a road course and the inline piste of Rennes. I use Mariani Custom ID inline boots and MPC Red magic with a set of ceramic bearings.

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Changed return policy

1/29/2016 2:05 PM

In order to process returns faster and better we changed the procedure for returning goods. It is important to know that RMA's are processed only when the RMA request form is correctly and completely filled with the information requested. Insert the form to the return shipment.

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Cadomotus Rookie JR2 inline skate for kidsIf you’re looking for a quality pair of starter skates, we got some suggestions that should help you find the right pair for yourself or that rookie you’re setting out on that path to the podium

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Marchese and Cádomotus have changed the boot spacing of their Bianco (former Ikazuchi) and Nero (former (Shinobi) boots for winter season 2014/2015. Changes are made to be more accommodating to the bridge size of our clap systems.

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In creating the Black Magic, MPC scientists have formulated a compound heralded as even better than their legendary BlackTrack wheels, and the BlackMagic’s testing report-card couldn’t have been better: world record times in both the 300 and 500 meter sprints at the 2013 World Championships, making it the fastest wheel on earth.  These results confirm what we’ve known for years, MPC is the leading edge in competition speed skating wheel innovation.

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Reynolds Technology Ltd in Birmingham, UK is one of the key suppliers for the unique Cádomotus ice blades. Their 853 tube is an essential element of the long track blade that is the lightest and strongest on the market today. Managing director Keith Noronha is as passionate about Reynolds' outstanding tubing technology as Paul Marchese is about tuning speedskates. No wonder that their collaboration has lead to one of the most outstanding innovations since the introduction of the clap skate: Cádomotus Record.

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Typical mount spacing for inline boots is 195mm and does not match with the shorter mounting for clap ice blades. Inline boots have the front mounting point to much forward, right under the toes, whereas ice speedskating boots have their front mount about 35mm backward at the metatarsals (probably a more efficient position in terms of biomechanics)

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Hi-lo skates are the best of both worlds: a low deck and large wheels. Best for all levels of skating.

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