Luggage bag for inline and ice speedskaters

The past few weeks I have been using the versatile sports bag as my primary bag in my day to day trainings. At the moment I am training on both inline skates and ice skates since there is ice in the local arena right now. As the bag is designed with skating sports in mind this gave me a good opportunity to give it a good road test in its main environments.

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Technical details of the Omega speed skate helmetCádomotus designed the Omega skate helmet, with an evolved application of honeycomb technology. The application used here is unique. The tens of thousands polymer tubes that make up the structure of the helmet are not only useful to process the force impact in a crash, but also they’re ideal fans in a sport where sweat is a punishing factor.

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The Cádomotus Omega skate helmet has - besides all the specific characteristics you expect in protective head gear – an integrated visor. Omega is a helmet and goggles all in one. Nearly all skaters wear glasses to prevent eyes tears at high speeds, particularly those on skating on natural ice whose tears tend to freeze! If you wear glasses, you use them to see more detail. But these glasses, they give you something extra.

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Kelly Schouten valt bij de KPN marathonMany skaters reach speeds higher than most recreational cyclists, close to 40 miles per hour in a sprint. In fact, it’s not uncommon for skaters to hit their heads when they fall, so the reality of more skaters making the choice to wear a helmet while skating is a good thing. But how do helmets impact a skaters form? Here we explore eight questions and answers about helmets for skating.

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Cádomotus Versatile 2 in  1 speedskate 4x110 and 3x125Spectators at this year's Roller Speed Skating World Championships in Oostende, Belgium were surprised to see the unveiling of a new inline speedskate setup, a 3x 125 millimeter wheel, frame, boot combination. Tests were done on and off the track, with results being something that not too many were open to discussing. What does this mean? It means we're on the verge of something new.

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