In our transition bag all your main items will have their own space and you will be more organised than ever.

1. Its spacious

The Versatile Triathlon bag has lots of space; there is a pocket for each item of your race. Most of the pockets have a zipper so your items are stored safely.

2. Dry and wet gear are separated

Don’t we all know that moment when you grab your dry clothes after the race and they are wet?! For your wet gear or wet suite the Versatile has a separate pocket which you can zip off if you don’t need it. This pocket will also keep your wet triathlon gear and dry gear separate so you always have dry clothes.

3. Outside helmet pocket

Not only can you find several pockets in the bag, there is also a pocket just for your helmet. If you are not using your helmet you can zip that pocket off.

4. Outside shoe pockets

The Versatile has specially designed shoe compartments on each side of the bag. So easy to strap your cycling/ running shoes to your back!

5. Comfort

The adjustable straps of the bag fit your body and don’t make the bag a drag while wearing.

Cádo Motus triathlon bag with outside helmet and shoe pockets

6. Versatile carrying

If you don’t want to wear the Versatile as a backpack there are 2 straps on top which allows you to carry it around like a handbag.

7. Quality

The fabric of the bag is great. Most bags have a nylon fabric which wears off very quick; this fabric will go a life time. Also so easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth.

8. Lightweight

The bag is so light that you don’t know you have it on your back. Even when you are not racing and using it casually/ for a trip.

9. Design

Most bags are great to use but look awful or they look great but are not user friendly. The design of the Versatile is not only handy but also a delight for your eyes.

10. Price

The best and most important part the price is just right.

Versatile Triathlon Bag with multiple pockets