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Alpha Aerospeed ice speed skating helmet


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World’s first and lightest helmet designed specifically for longtrack ice speedskating. The Cádomotus Alpha speed skating helmet is excellent for long track & short track speed skating, inline speed skating and road cyclists.

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The Alpha

The best ice speed skate helmet? It feels like you're not even wearing it!

The Cádomotus Alpha speed skating helmet is the gold standard of helmets for speedskaters. This speed skating helmet is multi sport adaptive and can be used on ice or road.

Excellent for:

  • Longtrack Speedskaters
  • Inline Speedskaters

The lightest and most comfortable aerohelmet in the sport! Just strap it on and feel the difference…

  • 3 part padding make a for a custom fit, every time
  • Retention system that allows for quick multi-sport conversions
  • Aerodynamic efficiency without compromising safety
  • Securely fastened aero shield for venting conversion
  • Approved according ASTM F-1849-07 standards
  • Complies with ISU rules for shorttrack helmets
  • 7 vents allow for effective airflow channeling
  • Safety and speed in 10 stylish colors
  • only 235g

Welcome to world class. These are the features you need to expect from game changing gear:

THE FITTING SYSTEM ensures free movement of the skaters' head, better than all of those non-skate specific helmets. Quick adjustments to circumference and vertical fit ensure optimal economy and freedom of motion. Different padding configurations and our ultralight design wrap all shapes and sizes of heads in a comfortable, customized fit every time.

THE REMOVABLE AERO SHIELD Our add-on aero shield can make the last minute difference and give you an edge when race conditions are unpredictable and you need to be prepared for anything. In a flash you can convert from the full covered bad weather protection shield to the cooling extra ventilation you get from the seven minimized air vents. This helmet has you covered, for isce, track and road, unlike anything else out there.

THE CADOMOTUS ALPHA IS RACE PROVEN & PODIUM VALIDATED That’s right! Some of the fastest, most skilled teams in the world have worn the Cádomotus Alpha victoriously on the podium than with any other helmet that’s been on the market this long. It’s truly a disruptive innovation you need have working for you now.

IT’S MULTI-SPORT ADAPTIVE The Cádomotus Alpha speedskating helmet is great for other speed sports. This speed skating helmet is can also be used as a cycling helmet and short track helmet. This is a serious helmet made to be put to use, in training, in racing, in winning, every day. It doesn’t get better than this!


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Customer Reviews

  • its great for inline speed too
    Review by Daniela Mendoza on 5/30/2016
    not only for ice skating, it's also great for inline speed skating. love how it looks like and like a lot how light and aerodynamic it is.