Aero Road Helmets

Cádomotus offers the best allround aero road helmet and inline & ice speed skating helmet

Cádomotus offers a wide assortment in inline skating helmets, ice skating helmets and cycling helmets. Lightweight, ventilated, aerodynamic and superfast. Most ice skating professionals chose our helmet, the first specific long distance ice skating helmet on the market. Why buy multiple helmets, if you can ride and skate with just one!?


Our collection ice skating helmets will provide anything you’d ever need for inline skating or cycling, where aerodynamics, safety, weight, fit and ventilating counts. In 2015 Cádomotus introduced the very first Alpha ice skating helmet. Using a helmet on ice is a very logical and safe choice. Everything keeps going faster and, while crashing is never fun, at least your head will be protected. Aside our Alpha helmet, we now have the Omega Aero helmet. With honeycomb technology and high-end lenses, this is our most developed helmet. It’s the perfect aero road helmet for cycling with and integrated lens. The Alpha-Y is the only helmet your kids will need. When riding their bike or inline and ice skating, they will be cool, aero and safe! Our aero helmets were approved by the national skating federation and for our famous ‘Elfstedentocht’, this is your perfect pick.


All of our aero helmets are certified for ISU (ice skating) and the UCI (cycling) races. The Alpha and Omega aerodynamic time trial helmets are also a perfect aero alternative for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes. A unique TT helmet design for an ordinary price.


Since October 1st 2017 Cadomotus offers a crash replacement for all helmets. Visit the registration page and fill in the form within 30 days after purchase to be able to claim a new helmet after a crash. You find more information on our blog.

  1. Alpha Aerospeed ice speed skating helmet

    World’s first and lightest helmet designed specifically for longtrack ice speedskating. The Cádomotus Alpha speed skating helmet is excellent for long track & short track speed skating, inline speed skating and road cyclists. Learn More