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110mm MPC Blue Magic Turbo inline skate wheel

Product Name Price Qty
110mm MPC Blue Magic Turbo FIRM
110mm MPC Blue Magic Turbo EX-FIRM
(Delivery Autumn 2018)
Delivery Autumn 2018
110mm MPC Blue Magic Turbo XX-FIRM
(Delivery: End of August 2018)
Delivery: End of August 2018


Cádomotus Blue Magic Turbo wheels outperforms any other wheel on the track. These inline wheels have the highest rebound and largest footprint. When the wheel is exposed to cornering pressure, controlled deformation occurs to enlarge the 'footprint' - or the area and shape of urethane in contact with the skating surface: giving you more grip.

All Cádomotus Blue Magic wheels use the original MPC race proven blue hub.


110mm MPC Blue Magic Turbo inline skate wheel is available for purchase in increments of 1


The Cádomotus Blue Magic Turbo wheel by MPC gives you the rebound and grip that you need for sprint distances. Increased rebound means more energy return. It also means improved ride quality. The super-resilient inner material used in MPC's Turbo wheels play a key role in their speed potential.

The engineered footprint modulation (the ability for the wheel to adapt its footprint shape and size) means the wheel provides increased surface contact and grip in corners - when you need it most.

The Blue Magic Turbo wheels offer you the opportunity to accelerate faster and build more speed in the corners. With victories by Steven Villegas (COL) on the 300m and 500m sprint during the Europacup on May 5th and 6th 2018 the all new Blue Magic wheel was the fastest on the new Vesmaco track in Heerde!

What hardness should I chose?

  • Roll FIRM when race conditions are rough or slick.
  • Roll X-FIRM when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.
  • Roll XX-FIRM whenyou look for the wheel with the most roll

Steven Villegas wins Europacup on Cadomotus Blue Magic

"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen."

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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Blue magic turbo
    Review by Janno Botmanon 5/27/2018
    The new CadoMotus Blue magic Turbo, is a good wheel for track and road.
    I test the wheels at the nationals on the world championchip track in Heerde, and I won the 500, 1000 and onelap. For me is the new CadoMotus Blue magic turbo the best wheel so far.
  • Value
    Blue Magic Turbo
    Review by Tom den Heijeron 5/24/2018
    The acceleration of these wheels outperforms any other wheel on the track. I really like the immediate pressure and rebound I feel in the fast laps.
  • Value
    Blue magic turbo
    Review by Steven Villegas on 5/23/2018
    The best wheels in the World. This wheel is very so Fast. Really I like it