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110mm MPC Blue Magic inline skate wheel

Product Name Price Qty
110mm MPC Blue Magic FIRM
110mm MPC Blue Magic EX-FIRM
110mm MPC Blue Magic XX-FIRM
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You need only one wheel when or wherever you skate: on the track, road, in dry or wet: #Cádo Motusbluemagic This wheel is a safe choice no matter what conditions. The new Cádo Motus-MPC Blue Magic wheels are build with the original MPC race proven blue hub. No risk, always good performance. That is Blue Magic.

  • The Firm is a road or track sprint wheel. Roll FIRM when race conditions are rough or slick.
  • The MPC Blue Magic XFirm is the most versatile wheel of the collection. 
  • The MPC XXFirm Blue Magic wheel is harder and rolls better than XF.

Mixing MPC inline wheels to enhance your performance

110mm MPC Blue Magic inline skate wheel is available for purchase in increments of 1


The Cádo Motus Blue Magic wheel by MPC gives you the performance you need, when you need it: straight-line speed – all-road/track surface efficiency - energy-saving rebound - reliable grip - M-tech® optimization

The MPC's Magic series are known to have the most grippy compound out of all inlline speedskating wheels. The Blue Magic Turbo wheels with smaller hub are most popular among sprinters that look for maximum grip to push hard. Thanks to the Black Magic compound the roll of the Blue Magic wheels is significantly improved, especially for the XXF series. These wheels are simply the best for longer distances and marathon under all conditions.

The 110mm wheels are a perfect choice for junior and senior skaters. Best performance together with the Cádo Motus Track-5 inline frame or the stiffer Cádo Motus dualbox-5 inline skate frame.

What hardness should I chose?

  • Roll FIRM when race conditions are rough or slick.
  • Roll X-FIRM when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.
  • Roll XX-FIRM whenyou look for the wheel with the most roll

Steven Villegas wins Europacup on Cádo Motus Blue Magic

"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen."

Additional Information

Product weight (g) N/A
PU band Dual durometer
Wheels best for Road circuit, Road marathon, Track Long Distance
Performance Fast straights, Great corners, High grip
Weather conditions Dry
Hub size (mm) 72
Hub Design 9 Turbine Spokes
Best performance with spacers 10.05 +/-0.2mm
Wheel weight 144g


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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    simply amazing
    Review by Dale Christoffersenon 9/24/2018
    Blue magic wheels are a nice rolling wheel on the road, everything feel so smooth. The track I was on was a pretty rough track but with these wheels you couldn’t tell. The grip was there the whole time and I didn’t feel like I would be slipping while on them in the sharp corner.

    On the track the grip felt amazing and I was stuck to the corner, when it came to coming out of the Corning the wheels had a nice amount of rebound that would give you some extra pop. The roll was great I felt like I was gliding and didn’t have to do much work.
  • Value
    Good wheel for Japan skater
    Review by Hidejion 5/23/2018
    Blue magic is good for Japanese skater.
    Japan Champ skater test it, the skater use 20.000m and 10.000m, he win both and he lap all other skater.
    Women skater‘s impression is good too. Our team junior skater use it sprint and win too. Blue Magic wheel is good for we Japanese lightweight skater.