Ing Engineering 3-point holder

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Ing Engineering 3-point holder


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Easy to use holder for your gauge to measure the blade radius in a sharpening frame


This 3 point holder allows you to measure the radius of your blades when they are setup in your sharpening frame. When you are looking for the prefect rocker of your blades, you always need to finish the rocker by hand and then this way of reading the radius is very fast, easy and most accurate.

The price is for the jig only and designed to use in combination with the v/d ING radius gauge. You can easily switch the clock from the regular radius gauge to the 3-point jig and vica versa.

Extra informatie

Framemateriaal Nee
Frame hoogte Nee
Schoenbevestiging Niet beschikbaar
Materiaal schoenkuip Nee
Wheel setup Niet beschikbaar
Boot moldability Nee
Boot degree of stiffness Nee
Mesmateriaal Nee


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